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Dian Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of sequences of skills requiring physical strength, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness. As such, this sport provides the basis for a child’s fundamental physical ability and skills.

It is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children, as it incorporates strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline.

It also teaches life skills such as positive self-esteem, good sportsmanship, confidence, self-discipline, commitment, persistence, and teamwork.

Our classes are offered to children and teenagers with all abilities, from 3 years old upwards. It is the opportunity to enjoy gymnastics and explore their potential, in a safe, fun, happy, and friendly environment.

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Our Classes

Our program is designed to give children the chance to progress at a pace that suits them. You can take one class a week for recreational, or more for developmental and competitive gymnasts.

We will focus on the development of the child, not only as gymnasts but also as a healthy person, to attain a realistic and achievable level of personal success to promote self-confidence and lasting enjoyment of the sport of gymnastics.


Kinder program is a movement program for children aged 3 – 5 years old to build life skills in a fun and active environment.


Artistic gymnastics is a discipline of gymnastics where gymnasts perform short routines on different apparatus.


Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport exclusive to girls that apply superior flexibility elements, perform on a floor with an apparatus: hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon, or rope. 


Parkour is the discipline or sport of going through an area using acrobatic techniques to negotiate obstacles quickly and efficiently.

Fun at Yoga

Flexibility and Strength Conditioning Class


Meet The Team

Get to know the dedicated coaches behind the Dian Gymnastics Club. We come from all walks of life and are united in our passion for teaching Gymnastics to all ages!

Dian Gymn Coaches-14.JPG

Dian Arifin

Founder & Head Coach


Wahid Wahyuni

Program Manager & Senior Coach

Dian Gymn Coaches-1.JPG

Wuri Lilawati

Senior Coach

Dian Gymn Coaches-9.JPG

Febri Mugi

Senior Coach

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