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Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is a discipline of gymnastics where gymnasts perform short routines on different apparatus.

Our training is for both girls (WAG) and boys (MAG), based on:

  1. ALP (Australian Level Program) - main program

  2. SGDP (Singapore Development Program) for competitions in Singapore. 

We Have Different Types of Classes

Artistic Gymnastics at Dian Gymnastics Club has Different types of classes. There are:

  • Foundation 1 (Level 1) for 5-10 years old

  • Foundation 2 (Level 2)

  • Developmental Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate (Level 3-4)

  • Advanced Junior (Level 5 - 6)

  • Advanced Senior (Level 7 - 10)

: 1.5 hours per session

: 1.5 hours per session

: 2 hours or longer per session

: 2.5 hours or longer per session

: 3 hours or longer per session

One coach will assist a maximum of 7 students. 

We Divide Our Students Into Two Categories

For more details about the level and training hours needed,

you could get our handbook once you become our students. 

An Inside Look

These are some of the snapshots for The Artistic Gymnastics at Dian Gymnastics Club.

Need More Information?

Fitparq Bintaro, Sektor 1, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia  |  +62-815-9803-193

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